Conservative Media Company Investing to Counter Woke Disney

The Daily Wire is committing $100 million to children’s entertainment on its streaming platform, according to co-CEO Jeremy Boreing, who made the announcement this week. Disney’s complete cave-in to increasing “queerness” in its programming and altering gender language at its theme parks has come front and center in recent days. And it’s by their own admission.

A statement from The Daily Wire described Disney as once being a source of trustworthy entertainment for children. However, Disney vocally opposes Florida’s HB 1557, which bans teaching of gender identity and sexual orientation messages for kids from kindergarten to third grade. The statement cites this as just the latest example of inappropriate actions by a so-called family entertainment company.

Boreing, in announcing the venture, said Americans are done with giving money to “woke corporations who hate them.” They are tired of media companies pushing radical race and gender theories on their children and instead want alternatives.

The investment will come over the next three years and feature both live-action and animated children’s entertainment. Subscribers will have access to the content next spring.

Ben Shapiro, co-founder of the Nashville-based company, said Tuesday that parents will no longer be beholden to companies that hate them and “cater to the people who despise your values.”

The company says it has brought on talent from VeggieTales and the Babylon Bee to develop children’s content. The announcement was originally scheduled for this November, but this week’s revelations that Disney executives opening admitted increasing “queerness” in new content pushed the announcement date sooner.

The Daily Wire is attempting to attract more paid subscribers by expanding its focus from news and conservative analysis. The company, which reported $100 million in revenue last year after posting $65 million in 2020, wants to add more culture and conversation alongside the news programming.

Gina Carano, the actor who appeared in the first two seasons of Disney Plus’ “The Mandalorian” before being canned for controversial online posts, has been signed by the company to star in a new film.

When a company that historically caters to children puts itself at the forefront of radical political and social issues, it could and should expect blowback. Parents also vote with their dollars, and if The Daily Wire does what it promises, a strong message will be sent to the Magic Kingdom.