Cori Bush is Not Following Her Own Guidance on Defunding the Police

When it comes to defunding the police, the Democrat Party appears to be confused about what its official policy is.

Back in 2020, Democrats embraced the movement to defund law enforcement and let anarchy run amuck. Then, when crime rates surged and Democrats started getting backlash, they walked back advocacy for defunding the police.

President Biden, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), and even Governor Gavin Newsom (D-CA) are just a few top Democrats who have come out, claiming that defunding the police isn’t what their party is about.

However, not all Democrats think this way. Rep. Cori Bush (D-MS), for instance, has repeatedly said there’s nothing wrong with defunding law enforcement, despite claims from her party’s leaders.

Yet, for all of Bush’s talk about defunding law enforcement, she continues to fund her own private security detail, as documented by Fox News.

Reviewing Bush’s Unspeakable Hypocrisy

According to documents from Bush’s campaign, she spent over $70,000 on her private security detail from the start of this year to the end of March. In total, Bush’s security fees have risen to the tune of over $300,000.

Bush very clearly believes in the need for safety, but only her safety, not the safety of the general public. On multiple occasions, the Democratic congresswoman has been challenged for her ‘defund the police’ advocacy amid her own private security.

To this end, Bush has responded indignantly, questioning if her critics want her to “die” and warning this could be the “alternative” if she doesn’t pay top dollar for private security.

Meanwhile, many Americans feel the same way about overall public safety, which is why there’s been so much backlash against calls to defund the police.

Just as Bush warns she’ll die without private security, everyday Americans will die if supporters of defunding the police get their way. In fact, since certain communities have defunded the police, notable increases in homicides and other violent crimes have followed suit.

A Stain on the Democrat Party

No matter what the president or other Democrats claim, there is very clearly a wing within the party that sees no problem with defunding and abolishing law enforcement.

This is a dangerous policy that would bring nothing but anarchy and destruction to America, if it were to pass.

Polls show that many Americans today are worried about crime levels and public safety in this country. Unlike Cori Bush, everyday people don’t have the luxury of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on personal security details.