COVID-19 Mask Mandates Are ‘Over’ In California For The Vaccinated

It’s been proven time and time again that you can still get COVID-19 even if you’ve gotten the vaccine. Still, Democrats continue to push policy for the unvaccinated and the vaccinated benefit. It has turned into a segregated society, but it’s not too late to turn it around.

California’s mask mandate will expire on February 15, and Gavin Newsom seems to be a bit smug about it.

Newsom tweeted:

What’s the purpose, you ask? To push the COVID-19 vaccine as far as possible in every way they can do it. The OSHA mandate for employers with 100 or more employees was struck down, and the Democrat party is getting creative in their mandates to make sure that they can get everyone vaccinated if the person wants to or not. Personal choice isn’t considered in the mandates of federal and most state governments.

The means of determining if someone is vaccinated is dangerous. A system to assess someone’s medical status has led to arrests and protests. It’s not going away anytime soon.

The California Department of Public Health Director and State Public Health Officer Dr. Tomas J. Aragon said, “Omicron has loosened its hold on California, vaccines for children under 5 are around the corner, and access to COVID-19 treatments is improving.”

That’s scary. Vaccines for children have led to many of the children being injured. The injury rate may be low, but there’s still a possibility that an adverse reaction could occur.

NBC New York reported, “Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) received 4,249 reports. Of those, all but 100 were classified as ‘non-serious reports.’”

Children are much less likely to have adverse reactions to the virus. Over 300 children have died with the COVID-19 virus, which makes the percentage of fatality very low, considering over 12 million children have tested positive for COVID-19. Why would parents believe that the vaccine would benefit healthy children? Factual data is being ignored.

The other negative thing about California’s removal of the mask mandate is that it won’t affect schools.

The CDPH said, “The state is continuing to work with education, public health, and community leaders to update masking requirements at schools to adapt to changing conditions and ensure the safety of kids, teachers, and staff.”