COVID Deaths Under Biden Set To Exceed Trump Total

By the end of the year, Joe Biden’s administration is on track to preside over more reported COVID deaths than the Trump administration.

Researchers and experts from Johns Hopkins University report that as of December 7, the number of deaths under Biden was 25,286 behind the total under Trump.

Biden’s now long-distant campaign promise to “shut down the virus, not the country” has faded as the death rate from COVID-19 is continuing to run at around 1,300 Americans per day. The economy continues to struggle and falter under the radical progressive policies enacted by the Biden White House. At the current reported death rates, it appears likely that the total number of COVID deaths under Biden will surpass the Trump total toward the end of December.

Biden’s campaign rhetoric would “disqualify” him from being president if it were to apply to him. At last year’s final presidential debate between Biden and President Trump, Biden said that any president who oversaw 220,000 COVID deaths “should not remain” in office. It remains to be seen if any journalist will ask Biden if that statement still applies to a president with more than 400,000 COVID deaths under his watch.

The number of COVID deaths during the Biden administration has surged past the number of American combat deaths in World Wars I and II, totaling almost 350,000.

Trump called on Biden to leave office on Monday, saying that the virus has “badly beaten” Biden. Trump cited the total deaths suffered in 2021, even though the vaccines have been available throughout the Biden administration. Trump recalled Biden’s statement that no president should serve with the numbers of deaths seen during his administration. Trump said, “Well, Joe, what are you waiting for!”

When asked about the grim numbers, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki predictably jumped to blame Trump, saying he is responsible for low vaccination rates. She said Trump created a “forum of misinformation,” and Biden had made the vaccine “widely available.” Sadly but not surprisingly, the media did not appear interested in challenging the factual accuracy of Psaki’s spin.