COVID Vaccinations – Team Biden Should Look In The Mirror Before Pointing Fingers

Vaccinating a multiethnic nation with 330 million people spread across a vast continent with an unproven vaccine would always be an arduous task in an era when the news was regularly misrepresented in the media. Following the disastrous Tuskegee experiment, several African Americans developed a natural aversion to government vaccinations. Over 40 million foreign citizens were born in America, many of them have corrupt governments that have lost public trust. Anti-vaccination activists questioned the administration’s safety assurances, pointing to the government’s rush in developing untested mRNA vaccinations. The rural and urban poor are often not amenable to being approached.

However, politics was the primary impediment early on. Joe Biden made a big deal about reviving the World War II war production board. He ignored the reality that Trump’s government-sponsored private enterprise mobilization is a copy of FDR’s. Thus, competition, profitability, and public supervision resulted in the development of COVID-19 vaccinations less than a year after the outbreak began, as well as Trump providing businesses with legal protection. That’s what happened. Vaccines that had been demonstrated to be safe and effective were distributed shortly after the election. By the time of Biden’s inauguration on Jan. 20, 17 million people had been vaccinated. However, while posing as a nonpartisan expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci denied the idea of a 2020 election vaccination. Biden expressed doubts about Trump’s vaccination efforts’ success and safety.

Subsequently, Kamala Harris stated that she would take a COVID-19 vaccination if experts advised her to do so, but if President Donald Trump instructed her, she would not do so. Moreover, Biden added to the vaccine program’s politicization by strangely and fraudulently stating on CNN that there were no vaccinations available until he took office. On the 21st of December, Vice President Biden got vaccinated live on television. Soon after, Biden made the bold promise that anyone who had been vaccinated would be immune to COVID-19 and hence, be able to resume a regular life. While on the other hand, less educated, idiotic, and white people who refused vaccines were quickly tagged as Trump supporters by the media.

According to a recent poll, whites were the most vaccine segment of the population in the South. While, according to experts, African Americans’ low vaccination rate was one of the primary causes for that region’s poor vaccine rate. Additionally, the poll discovered a high rate of unvaccinated African Americans.

However, the administration’s earlier assertions claiming vaccine recipients could resume everyday life lacked credibility. Eventually emerged contradictory messages downplaying and exaggerating vaccination effectiveness. Moreover, unvaccinated “super-spreaders,” according to the media and government officials, were blamed for infecting individuals who had previously been vaccinated. According to reports, the media has overstated and minimized the efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines. Words proclaim that there is no proof that vaccinations ultimately prevent delta variants. Therefore, if the Biden administration can’t vaccinate even 70% of Americans or convince vaccinated Americans that COVID-19 mutations won’t hurt them or reignite the outbreak, he must look in the mirror before criticizing others.