David Hogg Resurfaces As A ‘Dumb Person’

David Hogg seems like a name that’s long gone but never forgotten. As you probably know, Hogg was the skinny teenage kid who wore an armband like he was an SS soldier. The stunt didn’t go over well, and James Woods tweeted:

It seems like Hogg has finally seen “Don’t look up” because he tweeted late at night the exact storyline of the movie.

“If there were an asteroid coming toward earth, the greatest threat wouldn’t be if we could defend ourselves from it or not. In case the past two years haven’t made it clear, the greatest threat would be being able to agree if it’s real or not. Truth has become a matter of opinion.”

The greatest thing about the movie is that there wasn’t a political party mentioned, and nobody could assume which party was in charge at the time the asteroid was going to hit the earth. It played into every human emotion to political nonsense available and viewed on Twitter and any media outlet.

Truth isn’t available anymore. The left has manufactured stories about the right for the last six years or more during former Donald Trump’s campaign, especially during his presidency. Reporting got significantly worse during the COVID-19 pandemic, and it’s continuing through President Joe Biden’s presidency.

The White House has teamed up with Facebook to flag misinformation. There’s an ongoing lie that everyone on the right is a White supremacist, and there’s still an ongoing lie about the origins of COVID-19 and the COVID-19 vaccine efficacy.

The assumption is that Hogg was talking about COVID-19 or climate change. Those are the two likely topics at the forefront of every leftist conversation. Both are wildly exaggerated, and the proof is in the actions of politicians. The Obama’s and Biden’s beachfront properties are constantly seen without masks. They don’t believe what they’re telling you. Otherwise, they would be taking every precaution, and one of those would be to sell their homes and move to the mountains and always wear a mask for their safety and others.

With all of those facts, there’s an assumption that the lying would be coming from the left side of the political aisle. They’re pushing multiple narratives that aren’t true. They can’t run from facts, and neither can any other politician. It’s not that they don’t have the information. It’s that it doesn’t fit their narrative.