Defiant Republicans React To ‘Insane’ Orders To Arrest House Staff Who Refuse To Follow The Mask Mandate

A mask mandate has been issued inside the White House to be followed by both vaccinated and unvaccinated personnel but not only this, the capitol staff and visitors are now liable of getting arrested for not complying with the mandate.

The Congress received a bulletin from the White House in which it was clearly stated that the entire staff and visitors have to wear face masks at all times inside the house and that the mandate is based on the guidance of the Centre for Disease Control (CDC), which recommends are citizens to wear masks indoors, and that extends to those that are vaccinated as well.

The Capitol Police Chief Thomas Manger had made clear instructions in the bulletin that was sent out to the congress members regarding the compulsion of wearing a mask at all times on capitol grounds and a strict action on refusal to wear one, including denied entry into the premises. Whereas for the congress members, non-compliance to wear a mask will lead to the notification made to the House Sergeant at Arm’s office, and the action shall be taken accordingly.

The Republicans and even some Congress members showed great remorse and refusal to accept the mandate by taking to Twitter and voicing their displeasure to comply. Representative Thomas Massie, known for his guilt for the masks and vaccine, has even dared the Capitol Police to arrest his entire staff, stating that the Capitol Police and the Physician deciding upon the mandated necessity do not have the authority to make such a decision on who should be arrested just for not wearing a mask. This outrage is also due to Biden’s changing statements regarding the necessity of wearing a mask. While he previously stated that all those vaccinated could stop wearing masks in areas with high vaccination rates, he contradicted his statement in another speech made shortly after, mandating wearing masks inside the Capitol for all.