Democrat NYC Mayor Challenges Biden To Solve Border Crisis

Democrat New York City Mayor Eric Adams visited El Paso this weekend to see the U.S.-Mexico border as he said he is fed up with the influx of illegal immigrants who crossed the southern border and being bused into his city by governors sick of Democrat policies on their states.

The mayor, who has had a significant share of the thousands of migrants that have been bussed north in recent months, called on the federal government to provide a solution to the surge of migrants, which he called a “national crisis.”

According to Adams, New York City had to submit an emergency mutual aid request to the State of New York. “This type of request, reserved only for dire emergencies, asks the state for support to shelter arriving asylum seekers as the city faces an immediate need for additional capacity,” he said, adding that their initial request for help with accommodating 500 asylum seekers would soon increase as the numbers of asylum seekers in the city continue to surge.

Over 3,100 asylum seekers reportedly came into the city in the past week as the mayor estimates that asylum seekers could cost his city $2 billion, an amount the city cannot afford.

As part of the disorderly border policies created by President Joe Biden, illegal immigrants are released into the country to go live with relatives or sponsors in the north without confirmation of the actual existence of the relatives and sponsors the immigrants claim to have. As a result, they end up in homeless shelters in cities like New York, Chicago, and Washington, D.C. Sometimes, citizens come to their rescue and take them in.

Speaking at a press conference with Democrat El Paso Mayor Oscar Leeser, Adams stated that visiting El Paso was to draw attention to the illegal immigration crisis at hand. The problem, he believes, is not the responsibility of border cities but that of Biden.

“This is a national problem,” Adams said. “We must have real immigration reform, and we must immediately have a short-term fix of making sure that the cost of this does not fall on our local cities.”

Adams does not intend to stop with the border visit. He also wants to bring in other mayors on his plan to mount full pressure on the Biden administration to step up to the pressing issue. According to Politico, he will be raising the case at the United States Conference of Mayors scheduled for next week.