Democrats Are Playing Games With Government Funding Legislation

In the House of Representatives, it appears as though Democrats’ time in power is reaching its end. Across America, Republican candidates are dominating in swing districts and even in some districts that were once considered reliably Democratic.

However, this doesn’t mean House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) isn’t going for one last hooray before Republicans take over the chamber.

Right now, Pelosi is in a position to determine spending for fiscal year 2023 and then inevitably tie the fallout of this reckless spending to what’s projected to be a GOP-led House.

This is why Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) is explaining what all is at stake and how to stop what Pelosi and her allies are planning.

The Doomed Stopgap Bill
In a bill designed to keep the government funded through mid-December, the House Speaker is aiming to sneak in all kinds of left-wing pet projects that have nothing to do with government funding. Some examples include mass amnesty for Afghan refugees and even more aid to Ukraine.

According to Banks, GOP lawmakers are going to oppose the stopgap bill in order to prevent more wasteful spending in the upcoming fiscal year. Democrats will naturally retaliate against this by blaming a potential government shutdown on Republicans.

However, the GOP can push back against this by ultimately communicating with America’s voters. This communication must involve GOP candidates directly expressing how their leadership in Congress will lead to better outcomes for the nation.

For Democrats, the various measures they aim to include in the stopgap bill mark business as usual. Though given the current state of the economy, the border, and crime, Americans can’t afford for the status quo to remain as is.

Putting the Biden Administration in Check
Blocking Pelosi’s laced stopgap bill and taking back control of Congress are two of the most vital ways for Republicans to pump the brakes on the Biden administration.

This White House and its reinforcements in Congress have shown Americans who they are and the type of policies they’ll push for unless they’re stopped.

Just recently, the White House held a celebration of the Inflation Reduction Act passing (with only Democratic votes), despite independent analysts admitting this bill will not lower inflation.

If Pelosi is successful in lacing the stopgap bill with left-wing pet projects, the negative ramifications will continue well into 2023 and beyond.