Democrats Are Showing Their Bigotry

For the longest time, Democrats have put out talking points about their party being inclusive, opposed to bigotry, and all about bringing more people into the fold.

More rhetoric from the left stresses the importance of diversity and making sure that everyone has a voice. Sadly, however, Democrats only want to hear voices that echo their own sentiments and viewpoints.

The left continues to reveal its lack of tolerance for true diversity, this being diversity of thought. Now, the party’s treatment of Rep. Mayra Flores (R-TX) truly shows the ugly colors of the political left.

A Major Mistake By the Congressional Hispanic Caucus
Earlier this month, Flores formally applied to join the Congressional Hispanic Caucus. This makes sense, given that the Texas Republican is not only Hispanic, but also the first US congresswoman who is Mexican-born.

However, the Congressional Hispanic Caucus – a body dominated by Democrats – rejected Flores’ request. In denying Flores, the body also stated her politics are “extreme” and informed the Hispanic Caucus itself is only for Democrats.

In reaction to this, Flores took to Twitter, saying the group revealed its prejudices against Hispanic conservatives. The Texas Republican also said she would have hoped the group was interested in working together and finding common ground.

Ironically, this decision from the Congressional Hispanic Caucus comes as Democrats are on the verge of losing their House majority.

The Party of Conformity
After this latest stunt from the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, leftists have lost all credibility to claim that Democrats are inclusive and tolerant.

The reality is that the party demands conformity and submission. Those who fail to conform and submit to what Democrats say is right are frozen out of the conversation.

This is evident not just in how the caucus treated Flores, but also how Democratic lawmakers treated their GOP counterparts as a whole since winning control of Congress in 2020.

On multiple occasions, House and Senate Democrats went around Republicans in order to get legislation passed. Left-wing lawmakers even rallied to destroy the Senate filibuster as a means of further silencing Republicans and solidifying a left-wing monopoly.

It will be interesting if Democrats’ attitude towards the filibuster changes once Republicans take back control of Congress.