Democrats Are Trying to Reward the FDA for Failure

Parents and infants today are up a creek because of the ongoing baby formula shortage. However, this is a shortage that was largely enabled and mismanaged by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

In the many weeks since lack of baby formula access has been an issue, the FDA was exposed as having a direct hand in this.

The government agency waited four whole months before alerting its leading food safety official about a report it received regarding problems with Abbott Nutrition’s manufacturing plant.

The FDA received a whistleblower report back in October 2021, yet waited until February 2022 before pausing Abbott Nutrition’s plant and recalling the questionable baby formula products.

Had the FDA been on top of baby formula issues the moment they became aware of them, infants likely wouldn’t be in hospitals and emergency rooms today. Yet, despite the agency’s clear mishandling of this situation, Democrats still want to increase its funding.

Understanding Democrats’ Plans For the FDA
This past Wednesday, Democratic lawmakers voted in favor of 2023 funding legislation that would boost the FDA’s overall budget by 10%. Democrats, of course, are framing this as a policy that will foster safety for baby formula and US foods in general.

Naturally, Republicans are pushing back against this bill in full force. GOP lawmakers have pointed out that increased funding will only further enable officials who significantly dropped the ball the first go around.

Coincidentally, even as the FDA agreed for Abbott Nutrition to resume operations, the latter’s plant has once again shuttered, this time because of flooding. This could very well end up further delaying the timeframe in which Americans have full access to baby formula again.

According to the FDA, baby formula should be back on shelves by the end of next month. Yet, all things considered, this remains to be seen.

Owed Answers to the American Public
Amid talks about boosting funding to the FDA, numerous Republican lawmakers have pointed out how the agency owes Americans some real explanations.

The timeline gap alone in the FDA’s knowledge on baby formula issues vs. when it began to act is concerning to many Americans.

Democrats, meanwhile, don’t seem convinced that the FDA owes the general public any sort of explanation.