Democrats Forced to Own Their Choices

Joe Biden is in office largely because of Democrats’ work in 2020. The Democrat Party rallied behind Biden, branded him as a moderate, and said that once he was elected, “the adults” would be back in charge at last.

Fast forward to present day and this hasn’t panned out so well for Democrats. The “build back better” president currently carries an approval rating of just 39%.

He’s also created an economy that’s being devoured by inflation. At the rate things are going, Americans will be soon faced with not just double-digit gas prices, but also a recession.

Because of Biden’s leadership thus far, the Democrat Party is looking at sweeping losses in the November midterms. Some within the party have expressed an interest in cutting ties with Biden ahead of the 2024 presidential election; however this is much easier said than done.

Stuck With Biden For Good?
By the time 2024 rolls around, Biden will be 83-years-old. His cognitive abilities will undoubtedly be less intact then than they are today. Nevertheless, the president has been telling folks within his inner circle that he’ll run for a second term.

As some Democrats would like to see Biden replaced in 2024, their options to make this happen are slim to none. Vice President Kamala Harris’ chances of becoming president are all but shot, seeing as her approval numbers are consistently lower than Biden’s.

Democrats could run Hillary Clinton again. Although, given her track record with presidential elections, this might not be such a great idea for the party.

Of course, Democrats could also try to run a more moderate candidate. However, a moderate would be undoubtedly stopped in the primaries, thanks to the progressive wing of the Democrat Party.

Progressives have convinced themselves that the only viable path forward for the Democrat Party is to go as far to the left as possible.

All things considered, this leaves the left with little choice but to suck it up and prepare for Biden to seek re-election in 2024.

A Shoo-in For the GOP Candidate?
If Biden does follow through with his reported plans to seek re-election, his record as president will be fair game. So far, this is a record that entails baby formula shortages, a disastrous pullout from Afghanistan, inflation, supply chain issues, and other mishaps.

By the time 2024 gets here, America could very well be reeling from an economic recession as well.

Ultimately, the GOP candidate of 2024 will have plenty of ammunition to make the case for why Biden shouldn’t get another four years as president.