Democrats Promoting ‘Amnesty’ For Illegal Immigrants In Response To ‘Surging Inflation’

Democratic politicians are using the surging inflation that is hammering Americans as an excuse to continue pushing for amnesty for illegal aliens and open borders policies.

Sen. Jon Tester (D-MT) said that he believes Democratic lawmakers should take up a “comprehensive immigration bill” as part of a response to skyrocketing inflation. Of course, that term, when used by Democrats, means expanded immigration policies and amnesty for those illegal migrants already inside the US.

Tester echoed comments from Chamber of Commerce CEO Suzanne Clark last month. She pleaded with both Democrats and Republicans to grant amnesty to the illegal aliens already here and to double the levels of legal immigration. The Chamber of Commerce consistently works for ways to provide big business with a steady flow of low-wage foreign workers.

Clark said that doubling current immigration and providing amnesty should also come with a “permanent solution” for the “dreamers,” who she described as young people who contribute to society but have a legal status that is “in limbo.”

The Chamber’s proposals that Tester and other Democrats have adopted would bring two to four additional legal migrants into the country each year. That would amount to new immigrants annually in amounts greater than many large American cities. The Democrat proposals come as almost 16 million US citizens are unemployed but seeking full-time work.

Pro-America reformers told Breitbart News that reducing and controlling legal immigration will directly boost Americans’ wages. They are calling for an overall tightening of the domestic labor market by requiring E-Verify and eliminating the H-1B visa program, which outsources skilled American work to immigrants.

Currently, the federal government issues around 1.2 million green cards to foreign nationals annually. Another 1.5 million immigrants are provided temporary work visas each year, allowing them to take American jobs. Foreign workers currently make up 17.5 percent of the entire US workforce.

Immigration reform advocates who work for policies that favor American citizens are urging Republicans up for election to Congress this fall to take strong “pro-border, pro-citizen, pro-worker, and resolutely anti-amnesty” positions in their campaigns against Democrats saddled with the economic and immigration problems created under the Biden Administration.