Democrats’ Vendetta Against Charter Schools Backfires

Democrats have a longstanding pattern of opposing school choice in nearly all its capacities. This is made apparent by Democrats writing off charter schools as dangerous, saying parents across the board shouldn’t have realistic chances of sending their kids to these institutions.

Of course, it’s very easy to see why Democrats don’t care for school choice or charter schools. This ultimately boils down to the teachers unions, a group that routinely and overwhelmingly donates to left-wing candidates.

In Democrats’ minds, it would be remiss to offend some of their strongest donors, even if doing so would help parents and children across the nation.

Yet, in backing the teachers unions and opposing charter schools, Democrats don’t understand they’re essentially shooting themselves in the foot long term.

What Democrats Don’t Get About Charter Schools
Democrats’ opposition to charter schools is ironic since the party claims to be supportive of minorities and lower-income Americans. Meanwhile, these demographics are the most likely to benefit from having access to charter schools.

Amid growing debates about education in public schools, more parents are demanding options for where to send their kids to learn.

Mothers and fathers across the country are rejecting the notion that their zip codes should be the ultimate determining factor in where their kids attend school.

Amid Democrats fighting this in the name of keeping teachers unions happy, polls show growing numbers of Americans trust Republicans to handle education matters.

This is because Republicans support not just school choice, but also the rights of parents to be involved in the education of their children. Democrats, on the other hand, claimed parents aren’t the clients of school systems and children “belong” to teachers and the community.

The Bottom Line
In the short term, Democrats may be able to keep the teachers unions happy by opposing school choice and vilifying charter schools. In the long run, anti-school choice Democrats will continue to lose votes from Americans.

At the end of the day, teachers unions can donate as much as legally allowed to Democrats. Though none of it will matter if Americans vote against Democrats in droves because of their agendas that limit opportunities for children.