Dems Are in a PANIC After Horrible Panel and Debate

The Left is UP IN ARMS

CNN experts spoke about the increasing anxiety surrounding President Biden after his “dismal” performance versus former President Donald Trump in the debate on Thursday.


This was a discussion that changed the game because the Democratic Party is now experiencing a profound, widespread, and very forceful terror. According to CNN commentator John King, it began shortly after the discussion began and is still going on today.


“Party strategists, elected officials, and fundraisers are all involved,” he went on. Additionally, they are discussing what to do in response to the president’s performance, which they believe was appalling and will harm other individuals later on the presidential ticket.”


“Should we go to the White House and ask the president to step aside?” is one of the exchanges that King went on to mention. Other discussions include whether or not well-known Democrats should make that call public. However, since they believe that this argument was so awful, They do believe that later in the discussion, the president stabilized and improved, but even his last remarks about the two contenders’ differences were a touch hesitant.”


Even while King said that he thinks some Republicans “don’t think Donald Trump had a great night,” Biden is the subject of more serious worries.

“I can attest that it began with the first few responses within minutes and has persisted all night from “Oh, my God.” “Oh my God, Oh my God,” to “How can we handle this?” Additionally, it includes prominent Democrats, including elected politicians, admitting that there is a problem, according to King.


CNN presenter Abby Phillip agreed, saying, “The panic that I am hearing from Democrats is not like anything that I have heard in this campaign so far.”


“I think there was a sense of shock, actually, how he came out at the beginning of this debate, how his voice sounded,” said former Obama adviser David Axelrod. “He seems a bit lost. He did get more powerful as the argument went on, but by then, fear had set in, and you’ll hear conversations about whether or not he should carry on. I don’t know whether these conversations will result in anything.”


Before Biden, the White House communications director, Kate Bedingfield, noted that while Biden had a “remarkably poor evening.”


“Joe Biden’s debate performance was really lackluster. There just isn’t another way to cut it. His main problem was that he needed to show the American people that he was physically strong and had the stamina, but he failed to do so. Therefore, I think that’s concerning, and I think it’s very disheartening for many Democrats,” Bedingfield said.