Denialism Now The Left’s Way To Suppress Dissent

The left is ever intent on stifling any dissent to its “universal truths,” and skepticism is to be debunked at every turn. Now the woke mob has a description it uses to derail any opposition and smear doubters as merely purveyors of misinformation.

Debate ends when a person is called a “denier.” And there are all manner of ways an individual may qualify for this insulting title.

Once can be a COVID denier, a climate change denier, a science denier, and now an election denier. All of these labels are used to shut down meaningful discussion over anything liberals consider to be the “settled” truth.

Denial at one point was a healthy term used to describe someone whose self-image ran counter to the obvious. For example, a person could be in a state of denial that they have an alcohol or drug problem. This is obviously unhealthy and a call for possible intervention from loved ones.

There are all manner of ways denial is harmful to an individual’s well-being, but now this term has been hijacked. The origin of this transition may be traced to those in decades past who shamefully denied the occurrence of the Holocaust.

Rightly so, these misguided persons were labeled “Holocaust deniers” and relegated to the ash heap of serious discussions.

However, in 2023 denial is simply a smear against anyone who dares to raise a question against the left’s accepted narrative. If you question ballot harvesting as a transparent way to conduct democratic elections, you are now an “election denier.”

In fact, merely pointing toward the obvious security issues surrounding the 2020 presidential election means that a person’s observations must be shut down and excluded from the public discourse.

Discrepancies in climate data that point towards natural rather than man-made changes in weather make one a “climate denier.”

And the dreaded “science denier” dares to question anything that the “experts” tell us is the truth. Like lambs to the slaughter, the public must blindly follow what the elites tell them is the truth or be labeled as nothing short of fools.

This despite the fact that every giant step forward in science began with a person’s denial of what was previously accepted as truth. But now, to deny knowledge the left wants to establish as truth is cause for ridicule and dismissal.

As a shining example, if you disagree with the existence of 70+ genders, you are a denier and irredeemable.

It has been said that to find out who rules you, determine who you cannot criticize. The radical left wants nothing more than to rule, and if it can use the smear of “denialism” to stifle dissent, it will not hesitate to quash all meaningful debate.