DeSantis Hilariously Rejects Invite to Appear on ‘The View’

Republican Gov. Ron Desantis of Florida had his team send a priceless response to ABC’s “The View” for its unlikely invitation for the outspoken politician to appear on the show.

The View producer Todd Polkes told the governor’s office that he hopes DeSantis is “having a good summer.” He then asked if the potential presidential candidate would be a “special guest” in the studio “sometime in the fall.”

In fact, Polkes said the ABC show would be “honored.” No doubt.

Did they really expect him to show? It’s like being invited to your own execution, and turning it down is squarely in your best interests.

DeSantis’ deputy press secretary Bryan Griffin revealed the response that was returned to the ABC gab program. After graciously extending thanks for the invitation, Griffin asked if the hosts really wanted to hear about the governor’s hard work defending Floridians and their freedoms.

To show that he wasn’t just making up excuses not to appear, the response cited several quotes from The View.

Joy Behar called DeSantis a “homicidal sociopath” who appeals to “his White supremacist base.” She also called for criminal consequences for the governor’s popular prohibition of mandatory masks in schools.

Sunny Hostin stated the Republican is a “fascist and a bigot.” She also childishly referred to DeSantis as “Death-Santis.”

Ana Navarro said he is “anti-Black, anti-gay, anti-LGBT, and anti-history.”

Griffin, after noting all of these disparaging remarks made on camera, told Polkes that “we will pass along this offer.”

He added that the governor’s office does not schedule media appearances but rather “serve(s) the people of Florida.”

Of course Gov. DeSantis will not appear on The View. That’s giving the rantings of uninspired and virtually anonymous hosts far too much attention and respect.

But, just for a moment, imagine that he did. The ratings would be through the roof and video clips would go viral in minutes. Just how much of a disaster would that be for the panel that thrives on the ignorance of its audience? DeSantis would have a field day and it would be priceless.