DeSantis Signs Law Allowing Suing Of Gender-Change Doctors

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) expanded on a number of new laws regarding gender transition treatments for minors during a recent interview with Dinesh D’Souza. This includes a recently-signed bill that allows young people who suffered due to gender reassignment surgery to sue the doctors that performed the operation.

DeSantis recently signed a slate of new laws during the most recent legislative session, including S.B. 254 on Wednesday. 

The bill allows for children subjected to gender reassignment surgery to sue doctors that carried out the procedures.

DeSantis said that the state allowed victims of the surgery to sue doctors that “put their ideology ahead of evidence-based medicine.”

He said that the new law would “criminalize the mutilation of minors” by “really rogue, ideological physicians and we’ve had heartbreaking testimony from people that have gone through this when they were minors.”

“Now they’re adults and this is something they are now having to overcome really for the rest of their lives because irreversible changes were made,” the governor added.

He said that the new laws will “outlaw the surgical procedure and experimental puberty blockers for minors.” 

DeSantis said that the provision regarding suing doctors allows for a “way to recover damages for injury or death resulting from mutilating surgeries or these experimental puberty blockers given to a minor.” 

The governor said that doctors involved in such surgeries on minors would lose their medical licenses in Florida.

The new law states that adults who seek such gender reassignment surgeries must receive information from a doctor about the “irreversible nature and about the danger of the procedure.” 

Furthermore, the state also barred “public entities from expending state funds for the provision of” such reassignment prescriptions or procedures. 

DeSantis said that “if you’re taking off the private parts of some 15-year-old kid, you know you should go to jail for that.” 

He called such surgeries “totally unacceptable.” 

The Florida governor’s comments followed criticism by President Joe Biden that such bans on gender reassignment surgery for minors are “sinful.” 

DeSantis said earlier this year that it is “not acceptable for the federal government to mandate” such procedures.