Did Dems Do Background Checks On The Iraqi Militias They Want To Arm?

Democrats in the U.S. House are backing an initiative to send U.S. taxpayer dollars to support Iraqi militias. The proposal was tucked as an amendment into the 2022 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), the enormous yearly bill that appropriates defense funds. One Rep. Brad Sherman (D-CA) is behind the trouble, authoring the amendment, which is expected to pass into the finalized version that will undoubtedly be approved.

The amendment sends U.S. funds to the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces. It’s a group that’s known to have ties to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps of Iran. The mobilization forces are a regional confederation of militia fighters that work alongside Iran’s paramilitary soldiers. The United States has previously sanctioned the force’s new leader for human rights abuses.

It is yet another example of the schizoid, trouble-starting U.S. foreign policy that Donald Trump promised to clean up when elected president. In his famous landmark April 2016 foreign policy speech, Trump decried the reckless hubris of Washington and New York global social engineers who believed they could rule the world and build other nations up in the image of American society. He promised an end to nation-building and lamented the Obama-Clinton foreign policy era of unrestrained American arrogance overseas.

There’s little doubt that Donald Trump’s America First foreign policy was famous not only abroad, with world citizens who don’t like the U.S. federal government meddling in their affairs any more than U.S. citizens do, but at home with American voters. Studies performed after the 2016 election found that Trump had an advantage in critical counties in swing states, where residents had a higher percentage of casualties or family members who were among the casualties of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. That helped make him commander in chief.

But those forces that conspired to elect Joe Biden ushered in the third term of Obama in Washington. That’s the only way Biden makes any sense at all. The senator is feeble and frail to the point that going on the offensive against him makes you look like a jerk like Trump did in the debates. He’s no leader. He’s the figurehead to get Barack Obama, all of the old team, back in power in Washington and move “Forward” (For War (D)).

That’s how they’re cashing those extensive Goldman Sachs checks and buying campaign ads. Trump self-funded and took a bunch of small donations. He won wildly underspending his well-funded, Wall Street strapped opponent, Hillary Clinton. These elitist globalist types who view the government as their vehicle for personal ambition and seat of world empire, instead of a constitutional republic to protect the rights of the people, want to make you take a background check to buy a gun, regulate your guns, and take your guns.

Yet they also want to take your money. They then give violent militias overseas to get into an actual shooting fight and play it with a straight face. It is consistent and expected behavior and good governance. In the 1980s, as with Operation Cyclone, they would use dark money operations and hide these funds. Nowadays, they don’t even bother hiding it because of how much the American people are willing to put up with it.