Disgraced Democrat Endorses GOP Rep. Cheney

After voting to impeach then-President Donald Trump and taking on a leadership role in the House Jan. 6 committee, Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) has attracted the ire of Trump and his many supporters in the GOP.

Politics makes strange bedfellows, though, so despite her conservative bona fides, many liberal Democrats have rallied around her based on their shared disdain of the 45th president.

As she faces a tough re-election bid and polls show her down by double-digit margins against Trump-backed primary challenger Harriet Hageman, one infamous former Democratic lawmaker is weighing in on the race by lending his support to the incumbent congresswoman.

Al Franken, the former “Saturday Night Live” writer and cast member who went on to become a U.S. senator for Minnesota, tweeted his endorsement of Cheney over the weekend. Franken’s tenure on Capitol Hill came to an abrupt and controversial end when he resigned amid an allegation of sexual misconduct.

Although his support for the Wyoming Republican might be sincere, his statement included a tacit acknowledgment that it probably will not do much to help Cheney secure a win against Hageman.

“I’ve decided to endorse [Cheney] for the Republican nomination for the House seat in Wyoming,” he wrote, noting that it was his “first time” vouching for a member of the GOP.

The far-left comedian added: “But I think Al Franken’s support will carry a lot of weight with WY Republicans.”

Plenty of Cheney’s critics noted that an endorsement from a progressive Democrat is the last thing she needs during the final stretch of an uphill campaign.

Scott Jennings, who served as a special assistant to President George W. Bush — when Cheney’s father, Dick Cheney, was vice president — acknowledged that her activism over the past couple of years has likely sealed her fate on Capitol Hill.

He said that “it’s debatable whether she should have gone out and blown herself up this way, because it’s obviously going to cost her her seat and her platform,” adding that “everybody’s got to make their own decisions in life.”

Last month, Cheney said she was prepared for any outcome in Tuesday’s primary election and said that her opposition to Trump would be worth it even if it means she will not be the GOP nominee in November’s general election.

“No matter what happens on Aug. 16, I’m going to wake up on Aug. 17 and continue to fight hard to ensure Donald Trump is never anywhere close to the Oval Office ever again,” she declared.