Don Jr: ‘We Have To Be Playing The Game The Way The Democrats Do’

In an exclusive interview just released by Breitbart News, Donald Trump Jr. argued that conservatives need “to be playing the game the way the Democrats do” — including focusing on ballot harvesting.

Speaking with Breitbart News reporter Alana Mastrangelo at Turning Point USA’s AmericaFest conference in Phoenix, Arizona, on Sunday, Trump Jr. said that while conservatives have been winning on the issues, none of that ultimately matters if they don’t play “the game at the ballot box” like the Democrats during elections.

“Right now it’s about elections,” he said. “If we’re not ballot harvesting — legally, whatever we can do — if we’re not playing the game that they’re playing, you could run someone just shy of Jesus Christ himself right now against the dumbest and most radical liberal and not win.”

“That’s the game right now,” Trump Jr. continued. “People are going to argue about who’s the better candidate. As far as I’m concerned, at this point, if we’re not addressing those issues, it doesn’t matter — we have to be playing the game the way the Democrats do.”

He went on to state that Republicans could potentially fix the system to “make it fair” once they are in control of the government again, but until then they must play by the same rules as the Democrats, using the same tactics as the left if they want any chance of winning elections.

“Maybe once we regain power, we can change the system, we can make it fair,” Trump Jr. said. “Until we’re actually in control to make those changes, we have to be playing the game on the battlefield set by the other side. That’s not an easy task. That’s, frankly, the only thing that we need to address right now.”

He made it clear that Republicans are “not losing on the issues” — as he cited numerous left-wing positions that even liberals have a problem with, from social issues such as radical gender ideology to economic issues such as record-high gas prices.

“We’re not losing on issues. I can promise you that,” Trump Jr. said. “There’s not even left-leaning parents that want their 3-year-old to be having conversations with their radical leftist purple-haired teacher about changing their gender.”

“I could post [on Twitter] about men in women’s sports, biological men in women’s sports, and people who hate my guts would say, ‘I hate Don’s guts, but he’s right about this one.’ We’re not losing on those issues, and those are the issues that are the hills to die on of today’s Democrat Party,” he added.

“We’re not losing on the fact that people are spending twice at the pump of what they used to pay,” Trump Jr. continued. “We’re not losing on the fact that we don’t want to be in a nuclear war with Russia. We’re not losing on inflation and what’s going on in the economy. We’re winning all of those issues.”

Trump Jr. then noted that, while the majority of voters appear to agree with the Republicans’ policy positions on these issues, the GOP still won’t win elections without “playing the game at the ballot box.” Democrats have largely begun relying on low-information voters who vote by mail, and have been able to collect a significant chunk of these votes via ballot harvesting, allowing them to gain an advantage over Republicans. Many, including Trump Jr., are now advocating for the right to follow this strategy until the practice of ballot harvesting can be outlawed nationally.

“But none of that matters if we’re not playing the game at the ballot box, if we’re not playing the game the way we need to be playing them on Election Day,” Trump Jr. stated.

“We have to adapt those techniques,” he continued. “It has to be our number one focus, and there’s nothing even close as far as I’m concerned.”