Don Lemon Is Done Working Primetime At CNN

CNN is not what it used to be. Ever since CEO Chris Licht took over, CNN’s been heading in an entirely different direction that comes as a surprise to many Americans.

Licht remains clear that CNN will no longer be a left-wing news outlet that regularly trashes Republicans. Because the network’s ratings have been so low, Licht is rebranding CNN and trying to make it more balanced and fair in its reporting.

Naturally, Democrats hate this. Many on the left claim they’ll stop watching CNN because of how Licht is running things.

One of the latest major changes at CNN has everyone talking, though. It involves news anchor Don Lemon no longer working primetime.

A New Role Within the Company
Lemon’s primetime show has not been immune to low ratings. In fact, following a remarkable decline in viewership just last month, Lemon was moved from primetime to mornings.

After eight years of working primetime, Lemon claims he’s happy about the change, was honored when Licht approached him, and feels ready to make morning shows the best ever.

Licht himself also made a public announcement about the shift, stating Lemon will be a great addition to the morning show on the network.

While Lemon and CNN’s CEO are putting a positive spin on the former leaving primetime, many Americans have their own thoughts about this as well. For instance, it’s been pointed out that for Lemon to go from working primetime to mornings is an objective demotion.

However, Lemon denied these claims while on air.

More to Come From the Top Down
Months ago, Licht sent out a memo to CNN workers, stating that various changes will be made in the company that not everyone likes or understands.

Recently, one of these changes involved now-former CNN anchor Brian Stelter being fired from the network altogether.

It’s very much apparent that Licht understands CNN will not survive as a network if it continues on as it has been. At the end of the day, the left-wing backlash that CNN is getting for its new changes is just a very small minority of the larger picture.

If most Americans were truly happy with CNN’s record of bashing conservatives and praising leftists, its ratings wouldn’t have suffered so terribly.