Donald Trump ‘Urges’ Joe Rogan To ‘No’ Longer Apologize To Corporate Media And Leftists

The controversy surrounding podcaster Joe Rogan’s relationship with Spotify continues to draw the corporate media’s attention, even after Rogan posted a video expressing his regret and apologizing for his use of racial epithets over the years. This week, President Donald Trump issued a statement admonishing Rogan for apologizing and urging him to carry on with his work as expected.

Trump said that Rogan is “interesting and popular” but should stop apologizing to “Fake News and Radical Left maniacs and lunatics.” He told Rogan that he should continue his business and not let the media force him to “look weak and frightened.” He told Rogan that is not him and “never will be!”

Rogan found himself in the middle of a firestorm last week after being criticized for his statements and positions regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, vaccines, medications, and related issues led to a timed release of an inflammatory video. Someone had compiled some short video clips showing Rogan using the “N-word” on his podcast without context.

In his apology video, Rogan said he would no longer use the word in any context and said that he had never called any individual that word. He said that the context in which he used the word was always described by others using the term.

Breitbart journalist Allum Bokhari said that Rogan was making a mistake in assuming that the wave of criticism he is receiving comes from “a place of good faith.” He said that Rogan will never make it go away by “apologizing and pledging to do better.”

Later during the week, Rogan said that he realized he should “be cautious to not apologize for nonsense” and described the video of his old comments as a “political hit job.”

Spotify hosted Rogan’s podcast and announced on January 30 that it would post a “content advisory” that includes links to “trusted resources” on all podcast episodes on its platform that discuss any COVID-19 issues.

Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis also said Rogan should not have apologized. He told Fox News that “the mob” is targeting Rogan because he is threatening the official narratives surrounding COVID. He added that Rogan should not “give an inch” or apologize. DeSantis went on to say that Rogan should stand up to them and “tell them to pound sand.”