Dozens Arrested At Key NYC Migrant Shelter

More than three dozen migrants have been arrested since May at the site of one of New York City’s largest shelters while the city attempts to handle the influx of about 100,000 illegal immigrants since last year. The arrests at the former luxury Roosevelt Hotel appear to be a microcosm of the wider issues facing the Big Apple in recent years.

According to police statistics, at least 41 people were arrested at the location in recent months. One migrant was arrested last week on charges of alleged child endangerment. The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, which is prosecuting former President Donald Trump over circumstances linked to an alleged brief relationship with adult actress Stormy Daniels, declined to prosecute the case.

The site has seen a number of includes, including a migrant allegedly striking an employee with a “No Parking” sign after being asked to leave due to inappropriate conduct. The alleged attack left the victim with a six-inch gash on his head.

The hotel is the site of a video released during the summer showing dozens of migrants sleeping on the sidewalk.

At another migrant shelter, another illegal alien was arrested after allegedly slapping an NYPD officer. The officer had attempted to confiscate her illegal motorbike in Manhattan. The migrant had been previously arrested in July for another attack.

She was then released without bail after the alleged attack on the police officer.

The news from the Roosevelt Hotel mirrors the use of hotels for migrants across the city. Recently, New York’s homeless staying at a shelter were told that they would be informed that they would be displaced to make room for migrants.

New York currently has about 60,000 migrants in shelters.

A number of community activists and elected officials have criticized both city and state government over its handling of the migrant situation, including some Democrats.

Former New York Gov. David Paterson (D) said last week that criticism of the migrant policy was warranted, stating that city and state officials did not appropriately plan for the influx of migrants. He also criticized the Biden administration’s approach to the current crisis.