Dr. Jill Biden Must Not Be Into Science As Much As She Puts On

When Jill Biden was in a room full of children spaced out, she and two others were sitting in a chair right next to each other at the fireplace, and the good doctor Jill Biden didn’t have a mask on.

Is anyone supposed to think that Covid-19 is a real thing? We have the top-level political faces of the United States government not wearing masks while they tell everyone else that they should be wearing masks even if they’ve received the Covid-19 vaccine and booster shot. It’s also interesting to see after President Joe Biden put a travel ban on several South African countries because of a “new variant” of Covid-19. If you have common sense, you’ll realize that the new variant of Covid-19 isn’t a concern. It’s already been discovered that the patients who have it have very mild symptoms.

Forcing children to wear masks is useless in the first place. Regardless of how you feel about Covid-19 and masks, scientific data doesn’t back it up. Even if children get Covid-19, it’s rarely fatal, and they generally have mild symptoms.

The Biden’s are above the law and certainly above you and me. They know that the virus doesn’t affect Democrat authoritarians, only freedom-loving Republicans.

Even if all adults had masks on, the children shouldn’t have masks on at all. The idea is that the low-risk demographic following any Covid-19 mandates or guidelines should upset every citizen in the country.

If Donald Trump and Melania Trump were caught maskless after saying that everyone should wear a mask, then the country would lose its mind, as it should. So, why aren’t they right now? Is it because they look so highly on the Biden’s that they can’t do anything wrong? Or is it that they don’t sensationalize their party? It must be an unwritten rule.