Dr. Jill Biden’s ‘Hypocritical Behavior’ Continues, And Joe Biden Joins In

As President Joe Biden and his entire administration are pushing for COVID-19 vaccines and making sure that you “mask-up,” they seem to forget that they’re not masking up themselves. During a Christmas performance, that can only be described as cringy and propaganda. The COVID-19 vaccines are still under emergency use authorization, and they aren’t FDA approved.

Dr. Jill Biden isn’t new at defying mask guidance, either. Jill was in a Washington, DC restaurant without a mask in October, she was at a book reading for children without a mask while the children had to wear masks in November, she was with Jennifer Garner at a West Virginia vaccine clinic without a mask while surrounded by people with masks in May, and now she, and President Joe Biden watched nurses sing while neither were wearing a mask.

Should everyone wear a mask? No. Should the President of the US and the First Lady stop acting hypocritically? Absolutely.

Some of the nurses weren’t wearing masks because they had solos in the performance. Great. No big deal.

Joe Concha, Media and Political Columnist at The Hill, tweeted, “So one woman is not masked, and others are in the same room. The First Lady is also unmasked. It is like watching the White House press briefing, but different.”

The Press Secretary to the First Lady, interesting that it’s even a job title, tweeted back, “Warms my heart to see right-wing TV pundits suddenly so concerned about masking.”

They missed the point.

The masks are fine. Whoever wants to wear one, wear one. The problem is the societal structure where the White House can force their “entertainers” to wear masks, but the president and the first lady can decide not to wear them. They aren’t above anyone in the societal structure of the United States, nor should they act that way. It isn’t a communistic performance where the Biden’s decide who gets to live or die at the end.

Whereas a leader, you should practice the same mandates, policies, and recommendations you give out to the public.