‘Dr. Leana Wen Strikes Again’: She Did Leave Out The “Unvaccinated Deserve No Freedom” Garbage

If you’ve never researched Dr. Leana Wen, you need to. It is the same “doctor” who said, “Unfortunately, we’re in a situation now where the vaccinated are having to pay the price for the actions of the unvaccinated, and “if you are vaccinated, you can do all these things. Here are all these freedoms that you have.” That didn’t age well.

Now, Wen is all about getting children the Covid-19 vaccine. I don’t know why people listen to Wen in the first place. She was found incapable of running Planned Parenthood, so she isn’t the best doctor to advise. Also, somebody willing to take freedoms away from someone shouldn’t have a position of authority whatsoever. Also, Wen ran Planned Parenthood. Nothing can be more unsafe for children than abortion.

Wen wants “early adopters” of the Covid-19 vaccine to share their stories about their children getting the vaccine, and she believes that will sway public opinion toward all children getting vaccinated.

Do you believe that the media will select families of children who had adverse reactions to the Covid-19 vaccine? Will they be honest? You’re talking about the same administration that used child actors for Vice President Kamala Harris to have a space video. It’s all for a show, and it’s a smoke and mirrors routine.

“There are real tangible reasons for families to get their kids vaccinated, and I’m so glad that we’re now seeing a lot of parents who are, the early adopters do this, and I hope that more families will share their stories of these, who are the early adopters will share their stories of how safe the vaccines are, but also how they are allowing a return to pre-pandemic life,” were the words Wen decided to use.

Here’s the problem. For the most part, everyone is already living a pre-pandemic life. Also, at the same time, most places will require you to wear a mask even if you have gotten the Covid-19 vaccines. For the most part, hospitals still need their “heroes,” as they called them in 2020, to wear masks if they’ve gotten vaccinated. Why? If the vaccine works so well, then why would they have to? Shouldn’t they be protected? Maybe the genuine efficacy conversation should be had rather than the carrot at the end of the stick verbiage.

“Ultimately, that is what’s going to get us through this messaging difficulty of getting more parents from the ‘wait and see’ group to the vaccination category. I think what it will take for those early adopters to share their stories” is what Wen ended with.

Of course, parents are “waiting and seeing,” but the more important question is, with the low rate of Covid-19 infection and death rate among children, there should never be a mandate for children, much fewer adults, for any Covid-19 vaccine. Period.