Elon Musk Dismisses Claims of Human Overpopulation

Billionaire Tesla and SpaceX entrepreneur Elon Musk has been making news daily with his ongoing effort to purchase social media giant Twitter, and has also recently warned of the global risk to humankind posed by low birth rates. Musk rejects the media and “expert” narrative that there are too many people straining the planet and human welfare.

Musk told Axel Springer CEO Mathias Döpfner last week that most people globally have a “false impression there are too many people.” He added that although the birth rate has been “dropping like crazy,” the planet can maintain a population “many times the current level.”

After holding steady for many decades, the birthrate in the U.S. has plummeted by 20 percent since 2007. Other major nations including China, Japan, Brazil, and Indonesia are reporting birthrates that have fallen well below the statistical rate of replacement needed to maintain stable or growing populations.

Musk described recent population estimates made by the United Nations as “ridiculous.” The UN has projected a global population of more than 10 billion people by the end of the century. Musk said those estimates must be updated because they “don’t make any sense.”

Musk has been cautioning against population decline for years, and has warned that human civilization as we know it cannot survive plummeting birth rates. He told the Wall Street Journal last year that he “can’t emphasize it enough” that there are not enough people.

Popular author and clinical psychology professor Jordan Peterson has expressed similar sentiments about the inaccuracy of the overpopulation narrative and has said there are genocidal aspects of the mission to convince people that birthrates should be further reduced.

Peterson said earlier this year that he has thought for at least a decade now that the biggest world problem in 50 years will be that there are “just not enough people.” He added that there is no “sentiment more implicitly genocidal” than the idea that there are too many humans on the planet.

Peterson pointed out that the only solution that would work for the people pushing that narrative would be “mass abortion” or “something a little more dramatic.”