Epstein, Prince Andrew Accuser Inks Massive Memoir Deal

Virginia Giuffre has reportedly signed a multi-million dollar book deal to disclose details about her interactions with financier Jeffrey Epstein and Prince Andrew when she was a teenager.

The New York Post reported that Guiffre previously agreed to a $12 million settlement with the disgraced Prince Andrew in her lawsuit against the royal. Part of the deal was a one-year agreement to not discuss details of the incident or the settlement.

That year has now passed.

It has not been revealed which publisher has the rights to her saga. Guiffre has maintained for years that she was trafficked and assaulted by the now-deceased Epstein.

Publicity around the case is sure to increase with new reports that Prince Andrew intends to begin legal proceedings to reverse the $12 million settlement with his accuser. The second son of the late Queen Elizabeth sold his Swiss chalet to partially pay for the expenditure.

The prince brought scorn onto the royal family, and for this he lost his HRH title and all public duties. Reportedly, however, he believes he has a chance to recoup the settlement after his accuser recently ended her lawsuit against attorney Alan Dershowitz.

Andrew never admitted to wrongdoing and has consistently denied that he engaged in inappropriate conduct.

Some experts believe that the 39-year-old Guiffre’s memoir will not legally be able to include details about the 62-year-old Andrew or their agreement. Even so, there is likely great consternation at Buckingham Palace over the news that another revealing book is on the horizon.

The royal family already had Prince Harry’s tell-all “Spare” to deal with, and King Charles’ coronation is set for May 6. Royal insiders say that, while the king’s disgraced younger brother will be invited to the ceremony, he will not share space on the balcony of the Palace.

Some of Guiffre’s accusations center around Epstein’s former girlfriend, Ghislaine Maxwell. She was arrested by the FBI in July 2020 and accused of several crimes involving minors.

Maxwell was found guilty and is serving a 20-year prison sentence in Florida.

Guiffre’s forthcoming memoir, whether or not it includes details of her accusations against Prince Andrew and their settlement, will doubtless be an explosive book. Still hidden, of course, are names of the wealthy and powerful who undoubtedly took part in Epstein’s criminal misadventures.