Eric Adams Is The Newly Elected Mayor Of New York City

Eric Adams has won the New York City Mayoral race and defeated Curtis Sliwa. It proves two things: The left does believe that Blue Lives Matter, and they don’t want to defund the police.  

Seriously though, Adams seems to be a reasonable candidate when it comes to the police. Adams is a former police chief and a Brooklyn native.  

In March, Adams said, “We must create a city where we can raise healthy children and families” when speaking with MNN NYC in a one-on-one interview. Adams expanded on health by saying he means physical, mental, and emotional health.  

When asked how he would restore faith in government, Adams said, “Consistency, clarity, communication, transparency.” It’s nice to hear that he’s pushing for everything that Mayor Bill de Blasio wasn’t.  

Though Adams did say he agreed with De Blasio’s vaccine mandate, he would have sat down with Union members and those involved and worked out ways to come to agreements. Adams said he would suspend all fines for small businesses on day one, which seems to be looking up from what De Blasio was doing. The vaccine mandates are going to be challenged in court soon when lawsuits make their way to courtrooms. Then we can cross the bridge of mandates in workplaces and entering businesses.  

During the last Mayoral debate, Sliwa focused on no more kill shelters during closing arguments. It’s not that it was odd, but it seemed to be a bit off-topic for the importance of humans first and leaving the crowd with the remembrance of a wholesome and groundbreaking speech.

Adams concentrated on his personal experience of rising from poverty to build a successful life. He recounted the process of entering the country with barely $1 in your pocket and eventually controlling banks. The speech was a bigger hit than talking about dogs.

Though Adams did focus on some left talking points, he did say one thing we should all focus on. He said that he wants to push forward paid internships for students in underprivileged communities. That’s nothing short of brilliant. Poverty is a perfect predictor of crime, and with student loans being as predatory as they are, there’s no sense in pushing kids to go to college when it may negatively affect them. The idea of paid internships to give kids the skills to land a good job is fantastic. Not only does it provide them with a good wage when they finish the internship, but it provides a priority for trade work. The U.S. has lacked the labor force in trades for some time. It’s easier to get a degree in “underwater basket weaving,” like Ben Shapiro always says. 

Adams also said he wants to sit down with gang members who have mental health issues and educational issues and gave a stark warning. He said, come January 1st, do not shoot up my city, do not sell drugs on my streets, and do not stab young people in schools. The balance between accountability and rehabilitation is a clear distinction that Adams will hopefully bring to the city.