European Leaders Closely Watching Italy’s New Prime Minister Meloni

Giorgia Meloni’s sweeping victory has European leaders on high alert.

“In Europe, we have a set of values ​​and, of course, we will be mindful that these values ​​are respected by everyone when it comes to human rights and the right to abortion,” said French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne.

Meloni, a Catholic, has said she would not oppose abortion rights in the country, but she would encourage alternative means to deal with an unwanted pregnancy.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen expressed concern about the possibility of Meloni coming into power.

“My approach is that whatever democratic government is willing to work with us, we’re working together,” stated von der Leyen. “If things go in a difficult direction, I’ve spoken about Hungary and Poland, we have tools.”

The president appears to be referring to recent sanctions placed on Hungary and Poland, requiring the countries to make a set of reforms in order to receive COVID-19 relief funding.

Von der Leyen’s words drew a strong reaction from Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki.

“Von der Leyen’s statement was scandalous,” Morawiecki said. “She said Brussels had the tools to discipline Italy if it created a government that would not be in favor of Brussels.”

“Is this the Europe we want? … That Eurocrats in Brussels dictate what the government should be?” Morawiecki continued. “This is not the rule of law; it is a dictate and the lack of the rule of law.”

Meloni’s political ally Matteo Salvini issued a strong response to the EU, saying they should instead focus on Europe’s energy crisis.

“These are disgusting words, [and] the threatening tone is unacceptable,” he said. “Our parliamentary group will present a motion of censure.”