‘Evil Salesman’ Peddles CRT Materials To Georgia Schools

In Dr. Quintin Bostic’s own words, the project manager for the company Teaching Lab is an “evil salesman.” His job is to market learning materials to schools, and that apparently applies to even those that are expressly prohibited.

The teaching of critical race theory is banned in Georgia education, and rightly so. It is a divisive concept that projects the nation through the distorted lens of race, aiming to classify all as either “oppressors” or the “oppressed” merely on the color of their skin.

Bostic, however, said he sells materials to kindergarten classrooms through private companies that do exactly that. Taxpayers foot the bill for these materials, even though they are banned in the state.

As he said, “if you don’t say the words ‘critical race theory,’ you can technically teach it.” His admission came through an interview with a journalist for Project Veritas, the group that regularly exposes the left’s true motivations through undercover work.

Bostic confessed that he would be in trouble if the actual nature of his work were exposed, but he said he could then go back to his consulting business. Until then, he will continue pushing materials to encourage kids to influence their parents to “make the shift.”

For many on the left, he is doubtlessly a rebellious hero.

However, the truth is that he is peddling a curriculum banned from Georgia education to be instructed to the most vulnerable. Kindergarten children do not have the reasoning and critical thinking skills to know that they are being manipulated into a racist way of thinking.

Georgia last year, under the leadership of Republican Gov. Brian Kemp, became the latest state to ban teaching of critical race theory in its schools. Kemp declared “our classrooms will not be pawns to those who indoctrinate our kids with their partisan political agendas.”

He added that the measures he signed will protect parents’ rights “to direct the education of their child.”

All parents and political leaders are right to object to having their children taught that the U.S. is an inherently racist nation with a history to be ashamed of. And it is shameful that so-called educational materials are pushed on the youngest school children that do exactly that.