Experts Are Now Sounding The Alarm About Weaponry Sent to Ukraine

Since the war in Ukraine began, the United States has sent the nation historic amounts of funding and weaponry. While many Americans express sympathy about Ukraine being under invasion, this doesn’t erase the reality of our own domestic problems.

As Biden rolls out the red carpet for Ukraine, Americans are barely making it. Many people can’t afford to pay their rent, mortgages, or grocery bills. Childcare is becoming harder to access and our nation’s supply chain problems aren’t even close to being finished.

Joe Biden has been repeatedly asked how many resources he intends to send to Ukraine before determining that enough is enough. According to Biden, the process will take as long as it takes.

Meanwhile, even experts are suggesting the administration may want to slow its roll.

A Warning Worth Heeding
According to US experts, America is running into shortages of our own ammunition and weaponry. The preparation of the US military is likewise taking some hits amid lagging recruitment rates and preventable firings caused by the president’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

More information from the experts shows we are draining our national defense resources across the board as we endlessly pour into Ukraine. At the rate things are going, years will pass before America can fully replenish emptying stockpiles.

Experts warn there’s a difference between what the United States theoretically can do to help Ukraine and what we should do in reality. As it stands today, America would be better off making sure that we’re well-positioned to defend our own national interests.

This is critical as enemy regimes like China, North Korea, and Russia become more openly hostile against the West.

Biden’s Betrayal of America
As Biden continues to drain America’s supplies – whether it’s our military weapons or emergency oil reserves – he’s ignoring any and all advice to shift gears.

In fact, while the president endlessly pours into Ukraine, he’s also working to make the United States far more reliant on China.

This can be seen with the White House’s aggressive push for every American to drive an electric vehicle within the years to come. As it turns out, however, China, not the United States, has the greatest access to electric vehicle components.

Sadly, even after warnings from experts, Americans can expect Biden to keep rallying for more and more aid to Ukraine. The one chance America has to stop this is by voting out the congressional Democrats who will approve new spending packages.