Experts Strike Back At Ludicrous Soros Claims

Leftist radical George Soros’ attempts to gloss over the spectacular failures of progressive district attorneys he supports received major blowback from experts in criminal justice.

The billionaire donor recently wrote a recent piece for the Wall Street Journal in which he defended his support for these radical DAs. Rising crime in many key cities under their watch is the fault of state governments, he said, not prosecutors he supports.

Soros has doled out over $40 million in the past ten years alone to get radical leftist prosecutors elected in half of the nation’s largest jurisdictions. Seventy-five of these “reformers” have been elected, and numbers show they represent some 20% of Americans.

Still, Soros insists that the problem be laid at the feet of Republicans. There are multiple problems with this stance that experts are quick to point out.

Hannah Meyers of the Manhattan Institute said that his statement is misleading in that criminal prosecution is a local act, not one that comes from the state.

Instead of looking at the particular cities where violent crime is out of control, Soros instead tried to put the blame on state capitals. That also flies in the face of data that shows higher concentrations of Republican voters means lower homicide rates.

Meyers pointed to three glaring examples that need no spin. All three involve prosecutors who benefited from multiple millions of dollars from Soros to gain office.

Philadelphia recently broke its all-time record for homicides in a year under Soros-supported Larry Krasner’s watch. St. Louis broke its per capita record under radical Kim Gardner, and Chicago under progressive Kim Foxx hasn’t seen a homicide rate this high in 25 years.

Another expert, Zach Smith of the Heritage Foundation’s Meese Center, questioned the “studies” provided by Soros’ Open Society Foundation. The data used is picked and chosen at very specific instances and circumstances to obscure the facts around the prosecutors’ records.

The collective results of Soros-backed radicals masquerading as prosecutors speak for themselves. His attempts to sugarcoat the spectacular failures of these so-called “reformers” do not survive under examination by experts — that is clear.