Fact-Checkers Are Coming to Biden’s Defense Over Baby Formula Shortages

Of all the troubling problems facing Americans, baby formula shortages certainly make the top of the list. The situation has gotten so dire that there are now reports of infants being hospitalized for sickness, due to a lack of formula.

Contrary to certain ill-informed opinions, breastfeeding is not the one-size-fits-all solution to baby formula shortages.

As worries and frustrations rise amongst the American public, many folks are pointing out how this is happening on the watch of Joe Biden. Biden was supposed to be the “build back better” president; however, there’s nothing “better” about babies going without life-saving formula.

While people continue to point out how Biden’s policies led to America being at its current point, fact-checkers are now coming out to defend the president.

Fact-checkers on Biden and Baby Formula Shortages
Snopes, FactCheck.org, PolitiFact, the Washington Post, and other outlets are now scrambling to shut down the idea that Biden has anything to do with babies being unable to get formula.

According to these fact-checkers, “buyer habits” are a factor in why mothers and fathers can’t feed their infants. It’s also been said that linking Biden’s leadership to baby formula shortages falls under the umbrella of “partisan attacks.”

What these fact-checkers aren’t mentioning, however, is the federal government’s current block on baby formula imports from other countries. However, Biden’s got no issues with baby formula being sent down to the southern border.

These, ironically, are factual statements, even if fact-checkers don’t acknowledge them as such. Fact-checkers have been long accused of holding certain left-wing biases; these latest reactions to criticisms against Biden aren’t doing anything to change that perception.

What Fact-checkers Are Missing
When a mass, wide-scale crisis happens in a country, it is natural for citizens to look to federal leadership for answers. Thus far, many people across the country aren’t very pleased with the answers coming from the Biden administration.

When pressed on baby formula being sent down to the southern border as American families go without it, the White House claimed its decision was “morally right.”

Then, when the administration was asked about how parents should react if they can’t get their kids baby formula, then-White House press secretary Jen Psaki said parents can call their infants’ pediatricians or doctors.

Given that babies are now being admitted into hospitals, due to baby formula shortages, fact-checkers’ moral outrage over Biden being criticized is the least of Americans’ worries.