Far-Left Group Claims ‘Anti-Black’ Attack Against White Biden Nominee

It hardly qualifies as news anymore when a leftist pundit or organization claims that criticism of an individual or idea is rooted in “anti-Black” racism — but now that argument is being used in defense of a White woman selected by President Joe Biden to serve on the Federal Communications Commission.

According to a recent statement from Free Press, an advocacy group founded by socialist professor Robert McChesney, Gigi Sohn has been subjected to backlash “including anti-Black dog whistles from a police union.”

The statement, which served as a fundraising ploy for the organization, further claimed that Sohn “has faced anti-Semitic, homophobic, and deceitful attacks” from her critics.

In reality, the nominee has drawn bipartisan condemnation based not on her identity but due to a range of extreme positions regarding the scope of the FCC.

Even some Senate Democrats bristled at her claim that the commission should treat Fox News as “state-sponsored propaganda” and launch investigations into other right-leaning news outlets. She is also a proponent of controversial net neutrality rules that opponents say would significantly limit the choices available to online consumers.

According to Free Press, however, the criticism is all part of a coordinated “smear campaign” designed to benefit “cable conglomerates like Comcast and broadcasters regulated by the FCC.”

As for the supposed “anti-Black dog whistles,” it was not clear from the statement what the group meant, though the Fraternal Order of Police did criticize Sohn’s record of displaying “serious animus” toward police “and the rule of law.”

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is among the other prominent organizations to publicly oppose Sohn’s confirmation.

Citing her stance on net neutrality specifically, the business group determined: “Ms. Sohn’s track record and her views on competition would create unnecessary obstacles to crafting effective, durable policies to ensure all Americans are connected.”

Biden renominated her earlier this month after Senate Republicans put up a united front against her original confirmation. FCC Chair Jessica Rosenworcel issued a statement in support of Sohn’s confirmation.

“Gigi is a knowledgeable nominee with a long record of commitment to the issues before the FCC, and I congratulate her on [her] nomination as a commissioner at the agency,” Rosenworcel said. “I look forward to the day we have a full complement of five commissioners.”