Fauci Follows Suit And Changes His Tune Going Into 2022

There’s a claim that President Joe Biden’s comment during a governor’s call wasn’t meant to mean that the federal government can’t fix COVID-19. Biden said, “Look, there is no federal solution” while speaking of COVID-19 to state governors.

John Harwood tried to save it on CNN’s New Day, saying, “And I think that presidents always refer to the fact that states have a lot of authority, and we need to work this cooperation.”

Dr. Anthony Fauci has changed his tune as well. To follow the Center for Disease Control, because Fauci has no fundamental ideas of his own, Fauci needs to become a mocking bird rather than lead any charge against COVID-19 himself.

“When you shut down society, when you shut down the country, there’s a lot of delirious effects that go along with that, that goes well beyond the economy and the availability of people to get things done for their health.”

You don’t say! That’s precisely the opposite of Fauci’s comments while former President Donald Trump was in office. Fauci thought he had a lead on the fight against COVID-19, but it turns out that he’s just a parrot for the CDC and other agencies that think they know the answer as well.

Given the censorship and disdain for people who believed the COVID-19 lockdowns and government mandates have gotten to a point where social media companies are deleting accounts and removing posts to control the narrative that the left wants to be pushed. The 2020 election was mainly about mainstream media and social media censorship and what information was allowed to be said to the citizens of the United States.

The double-masked, triple, or quadruple vaxxed doctor who doesn’t treat patients wants to go along with whatever the CDC and Biden Administration says because he has to stay relevant. He can’t lose the “fame” that he’s garnered through the COVID-19 pandemic and to keep everyone’s attention. The narrative has to change. It’s not about science, and it’s about Fauci’s paycheck.

Given that Fauci’s wife, Christina Grady, is a nurse-bioethicist and chief of the Department of Bioethics of the Clinical Center of the National Institute of Health, why aren’t more people questioning both the Fauci’s involvement in the gain-of-function research that they funded in Wuhan, China that started this entire pandemic in the first place?