Favre Backs Call For Fox News Boycott

Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson received crucial support from retired NFL quarterback Brett Favre this week.

The former Green Bay star wrote on Twitter that he was “with Tucker.” 

“Time to boycott Fox until they come to their senses and let the man speak,” he wrote.

Favre became a fan favorite after being drafted in 1991. While he broke into the NFL with the Atlanta Falcons, Favre reached the height of his popularity after more than a decade leading the Green Bay Packers. The quarterback brought home a championship for the team in Super Bowl XXXI.

The Hall of Fame quarterback wasn’t the only major figure to back the former host. Twitter owner Elon Musk was reportedly in talks to work with Carlson on a potential partnership.

Musk, along with former President Donald Trump, was among the last several interviews on Carlson’s program.

On Tuesday, Carlson announced that he would be launching a new show on Twitter.

Carlson’s announcement received a great deal of attention. Within the first two hours of its posting, it had approximately four million views.

Details on the venture are light, but the anchor spoke about the need for what he described as a more truthful media environment. 

He said that much of the news reporting is often a “lie.” 

The former host said that “facts have been withheld on purpose.” 

Carlson said that “speech is the fundamental prerequisite for democracy.”

Carlson’s departure from Fox News was met with an outpouring of support across social media. The former host of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” consistently led the network, and cable news in general, in ratings.

Following the end of Carlson’s show, Fox News faced a sharp decline in viewership. The decline in ratings was across the demographic board, including a 37% decline among adults from 25-54. 

In addition, Fox News’ competitor Newsmax saw a sharp increase in viewership, including a tripling of ratings for programs by former Fox contributor Eric Bolling and Greg Kelly.