Florida Business Owners Are Fighting Back Against Criminals

Across the United States, there are upticks in lawlessness. Between removing cash bail and defunding the police, many criminals believe now is open season for them to do whatever they want.

In Florida, some criminals are looking to take advantage of displaced people in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian. The hurricane caused many folks to lose everything. Though Florida law enforcement has repeatedly urged those thinking of taking advantage to think again.

In Orlando, Florida, certain folks didn’t take this good advice and lost their lives because of it.

Fighting Back Against Crime
This past Friday, two individuals attempted to rob a jewelry store at Magic Mall in Orlando. The store owner didn’t have it though, choosing to shoot at the robbers, one of whom also had a weapon.

The thieves didn’t expect this pushback and tried to flee the scene. Law enforcement discovered that while four people were involved in the attempted smash-and-grab, two of them are now dead as a result.

It seems the robbers weren’t aware that many business owners at Magic Mall are also armed with concealed carriers. This is why they’ve been repeatedly warning criminals to stay away or suffer the consequences.

This incident out of Orlando comes as other criminals are trying to break into the homes or businesses of those who suffered damages due to Hurricane Ian.

A Law and Order State
As Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) and other state officials have repeatedly warned, Florida is a law and order state. It’s also a Stand Your Ground state. This means people in Florida remain within their rights to protect themselves and their property from trespassers.

As crime rises across America, more people are learning how to use guns. Many gun owners are likewise getting concealed carry permits in states that require them.

What happened in Orlando last week ought to send a message to criminals everywhere. Those who are willing to break into homes or businesses should be prepared for whatever may be waiting on the other side.

Within just the past several weeks, multiple individuals in Florida have been arrested for looting, along with breaking and entering. At the end of the day, Florida law enforcement isn’t going to stand for this criminality, nor will the everyday citizens of the state.