Florida Democrats Being Bankrolled By Pfizer

Things have not been going well for Florida Democrats lately. Back in 2021, they lost the longstanding voter registration advantage over GOP voters in the state. A huge factor in this loss boiled down to a rise of conservatives moving to Florida.

Right now, Democrats in Florida are also aiming to stop Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) from getting a second term in office. However, their chances of actually pulling this off appear very bleak.

DeSantis is leading each Democrat running against him in the polls. On top of this, the Florida governor has a war chest that far surpasses all of the Democratic candidates in the governor’s race.

Later this month, Florida Democrats are set to convene for their annual leadership conference. Although one of their key sponsors has certainly caught some attention.

Pfizer Paying For Florida Democrats?
From July 15 to July 17, Florida Democrats will gather in Tampa for various seminars and training events. However, one of the key sponsors of this annual leadership event is none other than Pfizer.

As many Americans know, Pfizer is one of the top COVID-19 vaccine makers. It also has the added shield of legal immunity against those who want to push back on its use of MRNA therapies.

Critics have stated that Pfizer’s sponsorship of the Florida Democrats’ upcoming conference poses a conflict of interest. This view is especially prevalent since Democrats in Florida have gone after DeSantis for his refusal to impose high-handed COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

Naturally, if people were railroaded by the government into getting COVID-19 vaccines, this would benefit Pfizer as a top maker of the product.

To make matters even worse, Democratic lawmakers have opposed measures that would stop companies like Pfizer from targeting Americans who decline to take COVID-19 vaccines.

Intentional Timing?
News of Pfizer sponsoring the Florida Democrats’ conference later this month comes around the same time as the Biden administration predicting that COVID-19 will emerge yet again this fall.

On social media, some Americans have questioned whether big pharmaceutical companies, such as Pfizer, could be gearing up to push even more vaccinations or booster shots on the general public.

Already, the Biden administration is on record calling for Congress to pass more funding for vaccine distribution programs. Suffice it to say, certain Americans believe that ties between Democrats and big pharmaceutical companies run much deeper than publicly known.