Florida Officials Have a Very Important Message About Monkeypox

At this point, most Americans have heard of monkeypox. The virus that causes raised bumps on the body and other forms of scarring is making national headlines these days.

In New York, California and Illinois, states of emergency have already been declared accordingly. Left-wing officials maintain that with these emergency declarations, states will be in a better position to take on this virus and improve vaccination efforts.

However, many Republicans warn that there’s a lot of fearmongering being peddled when it comes to monkeypox. After all, while the virus can spread through basic physical contact, it is most prevalent amongst men who are intimately involved with other men.

As some people beat the drums of fear over this virus, officials in Florida are sending a very important message.

What Americans Need to Know About Monkeypox
During a press conference days ago, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) did not hold back in condemning people who are trying to scare the general public over monkeypox.

The Florida governor explained monkeypox has already been “overblown” to the point of mothers phoning him to ask if sending their kids to school is safe. To this end, DeSantis clearly stated his administration will not embrace fearmongering like other states are.

Later, the Republican governor warned that states with emergency declarations in place will use these measures to cut back on the rights and freedoms of Americans.

Joining DeSantis was Florida surgeon general Joseph Ladapo. Like DeSantis, Ladapo criticized the mainstream media for trying to rile people up and scare them over monkeypox.

The surgeon general next went on to mention how the media is sending a message that there’s always going to be something one should be afraid of. Ultimately, this isn’t true, nor is it a healthy state of mind for the majority of society to believe or embrace.

The Monkeypox Vaccine
At the federal and state levels, there are various pushes for the public to have widespread access to monkeypox vaccines.

Judging from how COVID-19 was handled, Americans shouldn’t be shocked if, later down the line, monkeypox vaccines are accompanied by booster shots.

Many Americans have cast doubt on the notion that everyone should get a monkeypox vaccine once it becomes available. Much of the nation does not face a serious risk of coming down with monkeypox, despite various claims being made in the media.

Nevertheless, time will tell if the push for monkeypox vaccines mirrors the campaign for COVID-19 vaccines.