Focus On Biden’s Substance, Not His Dementia

It’s easy to chuckle at Joe Biden’s incoherence Wednesday night in Cincinnati. At least half of the auditorium was empty, and a stone-faced Don Lemon choked back tears and laughter because Biden’s choice of the word soup was much worse than usual. The internet is filled with stories of Biden’s serious mental stumbles.

Furthermore, Thomas Lifson of American Thinker raised an important point and reported that Biden looked to keep up with information that was being sent to him through a discreet earpiece. Deb Heine’s question is pertinent in this context since Joe Biden’s handlers permitted him to conduct that CNN Town Hall yesterday night. Knowing he would be sundowning and thus unable to think on his feet, resulting in an embarrassing train wreck for the entire world to witness. It tells us that the powers supporting Biden are no longer concerned that people are aware that he is a puppet. What matters is that hidden beneath the gibberish and nonsense, people hear the messages they’re channeling through him loud and clear.

However, Lemon inquired and asked what Biden says to those concerned about a fresh wave of limitations, mask requirements, and other such measures? Biden engaged in many linguistic gymnastics before getting to the point and replied, “Get vaccinated.” Unfortunately, this answer wasn’t from Biden. It was from the throne. But if we look into reality, it’s immaterial that the flea-bags Texas Democrats’ actions prove that vaccines do not prevent COVID. However, there is little proof that it makes symptoms less severe, which is not a major turning factor. Still, “Get vaccinated.”

Moreover, after ranting about teachers and kid vaccinations, Biden spits out another important fact: at the end of August, beginning of September, or October, vaccine makers would obtain final approval by the FDA. Unfortunately, it’s unclear whether anyone would trust the FDA. America still faces increased pressure to get vaccinated. As a consequence, many people may believe that the Biden administration has a darker agenda. Similarly, Biden was blunt on the Second Amendment. Like always, he bragged about his assault weapons prohibition, which did little to reduce crime. The fact that he’s going after gun dealers was crucial. Therefore, no one is hiding the fact that his mind is deteriorating. However, if he suddenly makes such hard fact statements aware that his managers inform people of their objectives and be concerned about his intentions.