Follow Biden And The Bouncing Ball As Welfare Expansion Creates Dependency

As the liberal media parrots the threat from Russia and the war in Ukraine, other Democrat policies are being implemented. In many ways, the possibility of World War III is a distraction from the more pressing threat of the Democrat agenda. That is until the war spirals out of control and threatens to destroy American cities.

Bankrupting the United States seems to be inevitable. Over the last 70 years, our deficit has rapidly increased in every administration. We are more than $30 trillion in debt. The Biden-Harris maladministration offered more new spending programs to boost the dependency class of American citizens. Republicans fought two conflicts under George W. Bush. He also added three tax reductions. After the Global Financial Crisis and Obama pause, Trump opened American business and sparked the economy to life. But Biden wants to decrease the deficit by adding child care and health care programs to the government welfare system. How does that work?

Democrats are hellbent on making the US financial situation worse. It is only made stronger by Russia oil crippling the US middle class while the sock puppet president issues licenses for drilling without permits on land without oil or liquid natural gas.

Biden mumbled through his State of the Union speech and referenced the government debt but never discussed the danger to American retirement plans. He failed to make the connection between massive debt and public safety. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen once called the government debt the greatest public safety threat. To safeguard and shield the United States, we must reduce our deficit. But Biden is going full speed ahead right off the debt cliff while tanking the economy.

Biden offered his liberal utopian plan in a $1.2 trillion budget which destroys financial integrity when coupled with his $5 trillion Breaking Bad Better program, which he rebranded as Building American Better. It failed to pass Congress last fall, but Biden’s hope springs eternal.

According to Biden, Vladimir Putin is setting up his siege works at Kyiv to save the city. We expect trebuchets, catapults, cannons, ladders and pillars soon. European nations are concerned about peacekeeping after the war and the United States is apparently under Biden, Blinken, Milley and Austin seeking solidarity on the worldwide stage. However, this ignores the Chinese problem altogether.

When Russia attacked Ukraine, the war, sanctions and oil bans drove fuel prices higher than they were already going. Due to inflation and more significant expenses for energy, currency changes will mean that the Federal Reserve may maintain lower interest rates. The Biden-Harris maladministration will look to fix the Treasury and avoid the chance of a downturn.

Medicare was projected to be bankrupt in 2017. Rewriting the law and subsidizing Obamacare, Democrats kicked the can down the road again. Biden’s comments last week show that he will continue to expand Medicare and do nothing to change Social Security to make it solvent. Biden wants to carry on Obama’s leftist objectives of making healthcare free.