Former DOD Advisor Warns Biden Seeks To Replace US Dollar

Former DOD financial advisor Jim Rickards says the Biden Administration plans to replace the U.S. dollar with digital currency.

Rickards claims the reasoning behind the move is to increase the surveillance of American citizens.

“If you have a central bank digital currency, then they (government) would know your whereabouts,” explained Rickards in a Youtube video posted by The Plain Finance.

“Every time you bought something, at the point of purchase, online, retail, or otherwise, they will know where you were, what you were doing, what you were buying.”

Rickards also said the government could use digital currencies to identify political enemies.

“What if you were giving money to an unpopular political candidate?”

A good point, one that could explain the reasoning behind the 87,000 new agents added to the IRS via the Inflation Reduction Act.

Rickards backs up his claims in another Youtube video, highlighting Biden’s signing of Executive Order 14067 last March.

“The order is called Ensuring Responsible Development of Digital Assets, and it claims to introduce government regulation of crypto and digital currencies,” said Kramer in the video.

“This is what I believe Section 4 of Biden’s order means for all Americans, the U.S. dollar will be made obsolete.” He also asserts that a centralized digital currency enables a “fully trackable spyware version of the U.S. dollar.”

“Soon your cash will be confiscated or simply be worthless paper. The cash currency we have now will be replaced with a new programmable digital token but the truth is few from the deep state recognize Biden’s movement for what it really is.”

He adds to the point of how digital currency would enable government officials to target political enemies.

“The digital dollar means Dems would be able to punish any contribution, purchase, or even social media comment that they don’t like.”

As if the mood needed further darkening, the former Pentagon official smartly noted how a failing U.S. economy would make for a much smoother transition to electronic money.

There’s no denying that Rickards makes a compelling case. Let’s hope he’s wrong.