Former Staff of Biden Admits to Biden Being Unable to Lead

Former Biden STAFF Admits He’s UNFIT

Jamie Metzl, who worked for President Biden as deputy staff director of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee during the Clinton administration, told Fox News Digital that following Biden’s debate performance, the president should not accept the Democratic nomination.

“I have enormous regard for Joe Biden. He’s my old boss. I believe he’s a wonderful person and a terrific American patriot. Metzl, author of the book “Superconvergence: How the Genetics, Biotech, and AI Revolutions Will Transform Our Lives, Work, and World,” believes that after watching the debate last night, most people would conclude that he may not have 4½ healthy years left to perform at the highest level required for a US president.

“And so, it’s with a very heavy heart and deep sadness that I’ve come to the conclusion that the best step for the Democratic Party and for the country is for President Biden to announce that he will not seek the Democratic Party’s nomination to be the presidential candidate,” Metzl told reporters.

Metzl feels Biden performed a “excellent” job in his first term, noting that before he took office, “we had significant attacks on our democracy and literally an attack on our Capitol.” Our alliances were in disarray. So, I think President Biden has done a wonderful job. Definitely not ideal. And there are many things that I and others may and should critique.”

He went on to say that calling on Biden to get out is not “a statement about his performance in his first term as president.” It is a declaration about what it takes to be President of the United States for four years. And, regrettably, I don’t think Joe Biden, whom I truly like, has that potential anymore.”

Metzl stated that he worked with Biden over 25 years ago and that he sees a “marked difference” between him then and today.

“And that’s very natural. “We all have parents and grandparents, and we see that age is a very real thing, even for a strong person like President Biden,” Metzl added. “When you reach your 80s, the effects of time catch up with us all. So, while I have enormous respect for him, I believe that we in the Democratic Party must be brutally honest with ourselves. Because if we’re not, voters in November will undoubtedly be brutally honest with us.

While the Democratic Party allows for an open convention, Metzl believes it would be a mistake to start this process then since the nominee must have credibility. Not only were they chosen during the convention but also by popular interaction and procedure. So, I believe President Biden should announce that he will not seek the candidacy in the coming days and that anyone who wishes to step forward should do so.”