Gallup Poll Indicates Record Number Of Americans Suffering

A new poll reveals that Gallup’s Life Evaluation Index shows a record number of Americans suffering.

For July, 5.6% of the nation’s residents self-reported their lives at the bottom of the index. The previous record number of suffering Americans according to the index that began in 2008 was 4.8% in April of this year.

Gallup’s report of the findings said that “life ratings among American adults” have steadily gotten worse through 2022. The 5.6% number of those suffering is the first time the measure has ever topped 5%. The percentage translates to about 14 million U.S. adults.

The report found that economic conditions are a major contributing factor to the falling scores. The Gallup Economic Confidence Index sits at its lowest point since the Great Recession in 2009. Persistent high inflation rates are having a highly negative impact on consumer confidence, despite the number of new jobs added to the economy last month.

On the other end of the index, 51.2% reported themselves “thriving.” That figure is the lowest since Joe Biden assumed office some 18 months ago.

The Life Evaluation Index groups Americans into the categories of “thriving,” “struggling,” or “suffering.” The index is based on how respondents rate aspects of their current life and expectations for the future on a scale of 0 to 10.

Self-ratings of current and future life conditions at 4 or lower are designated as “suffering.” Those who say their current life conditions are at least 7 and expected conditions in five years of at least 8 are classified as ‘thriving.”

Since reaching a record high in June 2021 at 59.2%, the number of Americans classified as “thriving” has been falling steadily.

Both Republicans and Democrats reported themselves as suffering at a rate of 5.4%, while Independents came in at 6.2%.

Among Democrats, 53% were ranked as thriving in July, compared to 52.2% of Republicans and only 47.7% of Independents.

The lowest recorded overall rate of thriving Americans was 46.2% on two occasions, November 2008 during the Great Recession and March 2020 at the onset of the COVID-19 shutdowns.

Another poll conducted by NBC News shows that 74% of U.S. likely voters now believe the nation is on the wrong track, compared to only 21% who believe things are going in the right direction. A majority at 58% said that they are “more worried” that the country’s “best years may already be behind us.”