“Gender-Affirming Care” For Minors Continues Being Pushed

In today’s society, the political left is hard at work to blur and distort gender. This agenda is so deep-seated that even members of the US Armed Forces have been encouraged during certain lesson plans to steer clear of gender-charged terms.

Phrases like “mother” and “father” are ones the left wants to replace with “caregiver” and “parent.” Meanwhile, people who oppose the erasure of gender are often demonized by the left as bigoted.

In the name of tolerance and inclusivity, Democrats are also saying minors should be given access to so-called “gender-affirming care.” This “care,” in actuality, involves the consumption of hormones or undergoing surgeries that permanently alter the body.

Now, left-wing political commentator Jon Stewart is directly trying to deny why this is so dangerous for children.

Attacks Against Our Children
During an interview with Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge, Stewart melted down over her decision to ban children from undergoing surgery or taking hormones that forever change and sterilize their bodies.

The left-wing commentator even compared Rutledge’s ban of this so-called “care” for minors to someone being denied treatment for pancreatic cancer.

During this interview, Stewart vaguely talked about how “science” supposedly backs up his views that children should be able to undergo mastectomies and chemical castrations. Yet, he never cited any data to support his claims.

Nevertheless, this interview has gone viral with the political left singing Stewart’s praises. Meanwhile, the Arkansas attorney general, in the eyes of Democrats, is wrong for opposing children’s bodies being sliced and diced.

More Hard Times Ahead
As Democrats rally in favor of minors undergoing “gender-affirming care,” they’re also putting drag queens into libraries. Some libraries in children’s schools even have books with very sexually explicit content.

Similarly to “gender-affirming care” for minors, people who oppose children being exposed to graphic content are being called hateful and bigoted.

At this rate, there seems to be no line or limit for the far left. As this push continues, some Christians in America warn that this battle is a spiritual one. After all, it wasn’t too long ago that USA Today was completely defending pedophilia.