Gender-Confused Thai Man Buys Miss Universe Pageant—Media Falsely Calls Him A Woman

It appears reality has now become whatever our media and entertainment industries claim it to be! Recent media reports have highlighted the purchase of Miss Universe Organization by Jakapong “Anne” Jakrajutatip, a Thai businessman who claims he is, in fact, a woman.

The CEO and biggest shareholder of JKN Global Group (JKN) paid a whopping $20 million for the rights to the pageant. An author from the New York Post offered his own expert analysis on the matter, ludicrously stating that the purchase makes him “the first woman to own the famous beauty pageant in its 71-year history.”

Such a statement is, of course, false. Jakrajutatip is clearly a man, as discovered by our own research. Articles in the past have mentioned that the Thai businessman ‘transitioned’ into a ‘transwoman.’

In spite of this reality, media outlets across the web have repeatedly referred to Jakrajutatip as a woman in various forms. The aforementioned New York Post article, for instance, repeatedly referred to the man as “she” and “her.” BBC referred to him with the same female pronouns, and Axios similarly drafted an article titled “Thai business mogul becomes first woman to own Miss Universe.”

“It’s a universal platform… I can become the aspiration for so many people, in particular women, LGBTQ, so they can transform,” Jakrajutatip said to Reuters when speaking on the matter.

“It’s almost one billion people watching and owned by a Thai transwoman, one hundred percent,” Jakapong said to the outlet. “We have the best vehicle now and so why don’t you just use me?”

Some social media users appear to be questioning whether or not Jakrajutatip is truly a female despite numerous claims otherwise. One user commented, “What happen to her voice?” on a posting by the Miss Universe Twitter account claiming that he is “the first woman owner of the Miss Universe Organization.”

The Miss Universe pageant traditionally required contestants to be single women between 18 and 28 who have never been married or had children, according to The Post. This has since changed, with the 2018 Miss Universe competition allowing for the first time a ‘transgender’ contestant, which is to say a man who believes he is a woman.

How the rules may or may not change following the new ownership by Jakrajutatip remains to be seen.