Georgia’s Governor Getting Some Backup Ahead of the State’s Primary Election

The primary race in the state of Georgia is approaching a near end. Tuesday, May 24 is when Georgians will decide which candidates get to represent their Republican and Democrat Parties in the general election.

Gov. Brian Kemp (R) is currently dealing with a challenge from former Sen. David Perdue (R-GA).

Perdue is heavily endorsed by Trump; however, that isn’t stopping Kemp from carrying roughly 60% support in the polls amongst Georgia GOP voters. Perdue, meanwhile, is coming in at second place with about 22%.

With the primary election being less than two weeks away, it appears clear that Kemp will likely win and go on to face Stacey Abrams for a second time.

As May 24 gets closer, Kemp is now getting some extra support from former Vice President Mike Pence.

A Hearty Endorsement From the Former Vice President
In a statement, Pence confirmed that he’s endorsing Kemp for governor. This marks a notable contrast from former President Trump who’s written off the Georgia governor as a “RINO” who failed his state.

Pence, on the other hand, lauded Kemp’s record. He said the Georgia governor stood up for police officers, teachers, and parents, in addition to lowering taxes and fighting for life.

On top of this, the former vice president said Kemp is a personal friend of his with a strong commitment to faith, family, and Georgia residents.

On Monday, May 23, Pence will visit Georgia for an event meant to encourage voter turnout. This will not mark the former vice president’s first time campaigning for Kemp either. During the Georgia governor’s 2018 race, Pence was by his side then as well.

The General Election
If Kemp manages to win at least 50% of support from Georgia Republican voters, this will spare him from having to get into a run-off election against Perdue.

As whoever wins the state’s GOP nomination is set to face Abrams, Kemp repeatedly maintains that he can beat her. Despite arguments to the contrary from Perdue and Trump, Kemp continues to cite his previous win against Abrams back in 2018.

Likewise, the Georgia governor argues that Perdue is simply blaming other people for failing to win his Senate re-election campaign last year. During debates against Perdue, Kemp claimed that had the latter won his election, the Senate wouldn’t be in the hands of Democrats today.

Perdue argues that Kemp didn’t properly vet claims of voter fraud, thus handing the Senate to the Democrat Party.