Ghislaine Maxwell Unleashes Vile Interview From Prison

For years on end, socialite Ghislaine Maxwell worked with businessman and pedophile Jeffrey Epstein to traffick underage girls and young women. Maxwell did this not just for Epstein’s benefit, but also for the benefit of other pedophile elites.

Since then, Maxwell was tried and convicted of sex trafficking underage girls. During her trial, Maxwell was offered a deal if she released the names on her and Epstein’s client list. Though she refused.

With a 20-year jail sentence to serve, Maxwell is once again making headlines, this time for a disturbing interview she released from behind bars.

A National Disgrace
In remarks to the Daily Mail, Maxwell spoke about her fondness for other sexual predators, such as former President Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew.

According to the convicted sex trafficker, she feels badly for Clinton and Prince Andrew. After saying she misses the “friendship” they once had, Maxwell said she believes Clinton’s name was dragged through the mud because of his own involvement with Epstein.

Throughout Maxwell’s trial, she repeatedly tried to pin her crimes against children on Epstein. Though prosecutors made it clear that Maxwell was being tried for her crimes and her crimes alone, not those of Epstein.

Nevertheless, in talks with the Daily Mail, Maxwell continued her pattern of passing the buck. The convicted sex trafficker alleged that meeting Epstein was her “greatest mistake.” Amazingly, Maxwell also claimed that she believes many other women can relate to what she feels.

The women who Maxwell and Epstein abused, however, testified at the former’s trial, stating they wished they never met her.

Finally, Maxwell’s interview wrapped up with her complaints about life in prison.

Setting the Record Straight
The claims Ghislaine Maxwell made in this interview are demonstrably untrue. The convicted sex trafficker was a willing participant on Epstein’s behalf and convicted as such.

Maxwell knew what she was doing when she sought out underage girls and made false promises to help them become educated and well-connected before handing them over to Epstein.

Multiple women who suffered from Maxwell and Epstein say that Maxwell was physically involved in the sexual abuse herself. Others allege that after the fact, Maxwell joined Epstein in directly threatening these victims to keep them quiet.

Her interview given to the Daily Mail continues being ripped to shreds on social media.